Today we bring you a compilation of 10 tricks for Google Drive. It is the application created by Google to manage your cloud, so it is in it where you can upload all kinds of files, create folders and also documents with free online office tools such as Google Docs, your spreadsheets and others.

In our collection of tricks you will find everything, from some simple ones such as using internal tools or installing other third-party applications to more complex ones, such as various ways to do advanced searches or to share and organize your files. And we are going to do it by trying to focus solely on Google Drive itself, leaving aside its internal applications.

1. Use the search engine to find your content

As Google Drive organizes all the content by folders as if it were the file explorer of a conventional operating system, the first inertia that we usually have when looking for something is to do it by navigating between its folder system. However, there is a much easier way to do it, use the search bar at the top of the screen to find any file, document or folder.

  • Click on the search bar and start typing the name
  • While you are writing, a window will open with results
  • In this window, both files and folders and their creation dates will be shown, so you will find any of them easily

2. Vitamin searches with the advanced search engine

Simple searches in and of themselves are going to save you a lot of time searching for things, but what happens when you have too many files or don’t know the exact name of what you’re looking for? Well, you can use the advanced Google Drive search engine to locate documents with other parameters in addition to their name.

  • Click on the down arrow that appears on the right side of the search box when you hover the mouse over it
  • The advanced search menu will be displayed
  • You can search for files based on their type, owner, or location. You can also include discarded or trash items
  • You can also search by date of creation or edition, name of the element, words it contains or the people with whom you have shared it.

3. Move and manage files as if it were on your PC

One of the benefits of this service is that the folders and documents that you have in it can be moved and managed with the same gestures as if it were the file explorer of your operating system. For example, you can double click to open or right click to display the context menu.

You can also hold down the left click to select several files without worrying that none of them will open immediately after clicking on them, and in the same way you can use some keyboard keys such as delete to delete the files or folders you have selected . Everything is the same as if you had the documents locally on your computer.

4. Generate a link to share a document

Google Drive allows you to share any document or item that you have in one of your folders with whoever you want. You simply click on the option to generate a code to share it and send this code to the person you want, with the peace of mind that you can deactivate it at any time.

  • Within Google Drive, right click on the document you want to share
  • In the pop-up menu, tap Get link to share
  • A window will open with the link that you have to share with whoever you want to see the document
  • In this window there is also a tab that you can deactivate to disable the link by stopping sharing the document

5. Edit the link permissions of a shared document

Ok, you have already shared a document quickly and generated a link, but to what extent do you want whoever receives the link to be able to comment on it, edit it or just view it? These are parameters that you can also edit to your liking.

  • Right click on the document and click on the option Get link to share
  • In the window that appears, click on Permissions
  • A window will open where you can manually add the specific people you want to have access to the document
  • Click on the menu Any user with the link can, and choose what you want those who obtain it to be able to do: view, edit or comment.
  • If in this same menu you click on More, you can also mark Deactivate so that the link has no effect unless the user is invited.

6. A chat to help collaboration

Another advantage that Google Drive offers is that when you are editing a document with some of Google’s native tools, such as Docs or Sheets, in the event that there are several people connected to that document there will be a chat where you can talk to them. . This is perfect for talking about anything related to the document or what it is about, and if you leave the chat you will receive the news through notifications.

7. Add applications to your Google Drive

Google Drive uses the office applications created by Google by default, but you can also add other third-party applications to create and edit different types of documents with them. In fact, there is a complete catalog where you can choose between several of them.

  • On the main Drive screen, click on the New option to create a new document
  • A window will open with the default applications and options. In it, click on the More option that is at the bottom
  • Another window is displayed with the third-party applications that you have installed. Whether or not there are any, press the option Connect more applications
  • A window will open with a catalog of third-party applications, hover over the one you want to install and press the Connect option that will appear

8. Make the content of Google Photos visible in a folder

Google Photos takes up space on Google Drive, but you cannot access a copy of your photos or photos from this service, you have to go to the Google Photos website. However, there is an option that allows you to make the folder with all Google Photos content visible in Google Drive itself.

  • On the main Drive screen, tap the gear icon to open the options
  • Click on the Settings option
  • In the General section, activate the option Create a Google Photos folder
  • BE VERY CAREFUL, because all the changes you make to the photos in this folder will be applied directly to Google Photos.

9. Buy extra storage for your files

Google Drive offers by default 15 GB of free storage for your documents, but depending on how you use the service it could be short. If so, calm down, because Google allows you to expand the space whenever you want by buying more storage, also remember that you can buy up to 2tb of storage in google drive.

  • In the left column of Google Drive, you have a Storage section that tells you how much you have spent
  • In it, click on Acquire more storage
  • A new browser tab will open that will take you to the purchase section for more Drive or Google One space
  • Just choose your new rate

10. Synchronize content from your computer

Google has an application called Backup and Sync and by installing it on your PC, you will be able to upload and keep the content you want from your computer in sync with your Drive account. All the changes you make from Drive to these documents will change on your PC and vice versa, so you won’t need to use the browser at all.

In addition, all the content that you upload through this function will be perfectly organized in Drive and separated from your other folders in the cloud. You can see it in the left column under the Computers option, where the list of computers on which you have installed it will appear.

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